HUSTLERS assumes no responsibility for any watch or other item bearing the brand, logo or symbol of HUSTLERS that has not been sold by one of the authorized sellers by HUSTLERS. The responsibility in this case will be exclusively of the buyer, especially when it comes to counterfeit, damaged or modified products.

HUSTLERS recommends that you buy your watches at official HUSTLERS stores or dealers and never at third parties, unauthorized sellers, or watches that are not accompanied by the official HUSTLERS international guarantee certificate.

Our stores and official dealers guarantee the authenticity of the items and offer you an excellent service. We also offer you the possibility to buy through our online store and other authorized online points of sale.

It is the policy of HUSTLERS to defend each and every one of its products from any type of counterfeiting or fraud, as well as to provide security and confidence to all its customers.

HUSTLERS puts at your disposal a search engine where you can check if a store, both physical and virtual, has the authorization of HUSTLERS.

** This tool is updated periodically and it could be the case that it is incomplete for a small period of time from when a new point of sale is established until the search engine is updated. The results of this search are not binding and HUSTLERS assumes no responsibility for them.