-    O   U   R      S   T   O   R   Y    -


HUSTLERS was born in 2015 as a result of the passion of two young students for watchmaking, they did work hard and the most important, dream big to make his watches born in the streets.

Our philosophy grows from the concept "Hustlers" and with the commitment to gather the passion of the streets for a new and daring lifestyle, which inspires freedom, nature, adrenaline and power. We look for people that knows what it wants and goes for it, capable of reinventing itself and that seeks new challenges every day, new objectives, fulfilling its dreams.

This is HUSTLERS, a brand that lives its own concept and that fights every day for new opportunities to fulfill its dreams and achieve its objectives. Our strength is in the search for synergies and innovation and this had lea us to make our own rules, our own designs, piece by piece, each with its own personality and functionality.

The desire for innovation is what drives us to invest every day in the development of the use of new materials and cutting-edge technology, maintaining strict quality controls and combining the traditional art of watchmaking with the application of new technologies in all steps of the process, from design, manufactu- ring or sale and promotion. We have got exclusivity, maintaining a high level of excellence without forgetting such important values as: independence, quality, perfection, emotion, aesthetics and distinction.

Our goal is to show that a good watch is forever. The longevity of our pieces has the secret of a job based on the requirement and a single way of doing things, guaranteeing each piece, each element and each step in the assembly. A unique way to create, innovate and improve.

Since 2015 we are working hard to make that dream come true and today, in 2018, that dream can be on your wrist.


Since 2015, Hustlers has always been an innovative brand in terms of technology, design and management.

Its beginnings are based on the search of different designs linked to a name with an authentic and emotional meaning that repre- sents a totally different lifestyle. People with a strong personality, who look for new goals every day.

A long way of creation looking for a defined aesthetic, quality and trust, during which we have traveled and visited many suppliers to find the best quality, made a lot of prototypes to find the one, our identity and been in many events, meetings, visits and jumped on many stones along the way.

A three-year project to which we have dedicated all the hours of the day, in which we have lived numerous experiences, which have led us to meet incredible people and to adopt the effort and perse- verance as a work methodology, just work hard.

In 2017 Hustlers opened its website with a crowdfunding system of its own. Nobody knew the brand, but its aesthetics and its philoso- phy, as well as its designs, attracted the attention of many users in social networks all around the world.

The system worked and allowed us to produce our first collection, Brontë. At that time all our ideas and illusions became reality and Hustlers was presented in the world of watchmaking as an inde- pendent brand, with a clear concept, which sets its own rules and always chooses its own path. This is what defines our philosophy and from here our adventure begins.

Legends are born in the streets, our motto, our philosophy, our dream, your dream.


-    D   I   R   E   C   T   L   Y       T   O       Y   O   U    -

«Design, quality and innovation are the strengths of a unique identity».


«We seek to achieve a dream and we know that this happens to get all the hustlers of the world dress our watches, our philosophy and that this can only happen if we manage to transmit this to the streets.».

Hustlers Watches